Horse Riding Lessons for Beginners

Novice Horse Riding: Getting Started with Our Pickering Equestrian Service

We understand that horses can be intimidating to people who have never been in close proximity to them before, so we work individually with all new students to ease them into being comfortable around and handling horses, even before they get on one for the first time.

We take as much time as you need and we never pressure you in to anything that you don’t feel comfortable attempting. We recognize that everyone is different and that everyone learns best at their own pace.

Our instructors will ensure you are comfortable, confident and safe regardless of your skill level.

Assessment Session

Before starting your lesson program, we take the time to introduce you to our horses and ponies and give you a guided tour of our property and facilities. We then conduct a careful assessment of your skill and confidence levels, then talk about your reasons for wanting to learn to ride and any goals you may have. These steps help to ensure we understand your individual needs. After assessing your skill level, fitness and how comfortable you are around horses, we will then design an individualized program best-suited to making you a confident equestrian.

Beginner Lessons

We provide private, one-on-one lessons on quiet, well-trained horses and ponies to all beginning riders for safety reasons and so that they will master the basics as quickly as they can. But, where couples or families want to learn to ride together, we can make special arrangements to accommodate that wish.

Our instructors will tailor an individual learning-to-ride program to your particular skills and goals. You will be closely supervised at all times to ensure that you learn how to ride properly and safely, right from the very beginning.

During your first lesson, you will learn how to mount and dismount, maintain the proper body position and keep your balance while the horse is walking. Once you are balanced and comfortable in the proper position, you will learn how to make your horse move forward and how to steer and stop.

Once you are confident and comfortable walking on your horse, you will be put on the lunge line to start learning to trot. This allows your instructor to steer and stop your horse and to control its pace while you concentrate on maintaining the proper riding position and learning to post. As your skill and confidence levels increase, you will learn to ride off the lunge line and around the indoor arena independently. When you have mastered the sitting and posting trot, you will learn the “two-point” position and start working over poles on the ground, and then move on to learning to canter.

For safety reasons, your lessons will be conducted in our spacious indoor arena where distractions for both horse and rider are minimized. If you wish, you can be the only person riding at your lesson time so that during your lesson you don’t have to worry about dealing with other horses and riders.

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